Manners Matters

In England, tea is one of the most famous drinks. Even though it is not the first nation to drink tea, England is still well known for the teas. Drinking teas however, is not just simppy drinking. There are manners, we need to follow. His afternoon, we went to a cafe where they serve afternoon […]

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Money for the Goals

Chelsea is known as a very good football club. Even though it has rough reputation in the past, Chelsea is now one of the most famous and one of the best football club in England. This morning, we had a tour of the Stanford Bridge stadium, which is Chelsea FC’s home base in London. The […]

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The Play

Shakespeare is famous for his plays. He made many stories, not just to be read, but to also be acted out. Here, we would be acting out the famous Hamlet play. The play was about Hamlet, the son of the King who just died and knew that the murderer his power hungry uncle who is […]

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After attending two workshops, we had a fencing course by the end of the day. I was very scared at first because I thought that the weapons will hurt. But, I just realized that it is not even dangerous at all. We were protected by a special jacket and helmet, so that we wouldn’t get […]

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Behind the Taste

We went to a restaurant from Jamie Oliver, where they also have a cooking class. I’ve never cooked before, so I was very pesimistic of my skills in cooking. I was also a bit nervous because I am very sure that my food would not be that good. We were first introduced to the basic […]

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Programming the Future

Earlier this morning, we had a workshop on robotics, which I’ve never done before. I thought at first that it was easy. But, turns out that it is more than playing robots. We started with looking at the robot that out instructor made for us which looks really complicated for me. When we started making […]

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CSI in Action

This afternoon, we had a workshop on CSI forensics. At first, it sounds complicated and hard, knowing that we will be using our brain more. But during the workshop, the it turns out that solving cases are also fun. The case we need to solve was a man that was pushed from the tower of […]

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