Manners Matters

In England, tea is one of the most famous drinks. Even though it is not the first nation to drink tea, England is still well known for the teas. Drinking teas however, is not just simppy drinking. There are manners, we need to follow. His afternoon, we went to a cafe where they serve afternoon tea, with also the cakes and sandwiches. At first, thiught the manners are just simple ones. But it turns out that everything we do in the table has their own manners. The most inportant one is out hand position and gestures. Most of the time, back in Indonesia, we drink tea as well but without any certain manners. Here in England, the proper way to drink tea is by placing our elbow down, and our arms upwards to hold the cup when drinking. To eat the bread, we also need to slice it in half, and put jams or butter on each half when we eat it. This activity for me is quite easy, since all we do is sitting down and drinking tea and bread. It is also useful to know the traditional manners of drinking tea in England.

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