The Play

Shakespeare is famous for his plays. He made many stories, not just to be read, but to also be acted out. Here, we would be acting out the famous Hamlet play. The play was about Hamlet, the son of the King who just died and knew that the murderer his power hungry uncle who is also the new king. I was very pesimistic of my skills since I am not really good at acting. First, we started with roaming around the room and observing everything we see. He also had a warm up before we started practicing. My first scene was Hamlet talking to Ophelia, his friend, to stay away from him, knowing that he is in a dangerous position. I played as Hamlet in that scene, which I found very hard because of the old English language. However, in the next scene, I was a ghost, and it is way easier and also has less lines. I found this activity useful because I can inprove my performing arts skills especially in acting.

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