Money for the Goals

Chelsea is known as a very good football club. Even though it has rough reputation in the past, Chelsea is now one of the most famous and one of the best football club in England. This morning, we had a tour of the Stanford Bridge stadium, which is Chelsea FC’s home base in London. The stadium was quite big, and it also has a museum and store in it. We first started the tour in the museum, where the guide explained us on how Chelsea’s reputation is becoming better from time to time. We then entered the stadium where we were explained about the club’s main income from sponsorhip, merchandise, and broadcasting. We also went to the changing room and the seats for the ‘Away’ team supporters, while being explained about the expenses for players, maintenance, and the worker salary. This tour was interesting for me since I can learn about business management from one of the best team in the Premier League. I also liked the stadium tour because we can go to many places such as the changing room and press room which I think is not a common experience.

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