After attending two workshops, we had a fencing course by the end of the day. I was very scared at first because I thought that the weapons will hurt. But, I just realized that it is not even dangerous at all. We were protected by a special jacket and helmet, so that we wouldn’t get hurt by the weapon. The weapons we used are the foil and the epe. We started with the basics using the foil, where we learned to attack and beat the opponent. We also learned how to defend ourselves from our opponent. After using the fool, we used the other weapon called epe. This weapon is slightly bigger than foil, which made it heavier too. We also used the body wire to count the point everytime we hit our opponent. For me, the foil is easier because it is lighter and smaller, and it is also easier for me to grip. This workshop is useful and interesting for me since it introduces me a different type of sport.

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