Behind the Taste

We went to a restaurant from Jamie Oliver, where they also have a cooking class. I’ve never cooked before, so I was very pesimistic of my skills in cooking. I was also a bit nervous because I am very sure that my food would not be that good. We were first introduced to the basic techniques of making the dough of the pizza. It first looked easy, but it turns out that it wasn’t as simple as I thought when I tried making it. It was hard for me to make the shape of a pizza when the dough is too sticky. I then ended up making a very small pizza. However, making the sauce, toppings, and putting cheese was way easier. It is not hard to make it neat and to match the shape of the pizza. I put both mozzarella and ricotta, smoked beef, and mushrooms which is a very good combination for me. The activity for me is useful, since I’ve never actually cooked on my own. This also helps me in being more responsible and independent too.

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