Programming the Future

Earlier this morning, we had a workshop on robotics, which I’ve never done before. I thought at first that it was easy. But, turns out that it is more than playing robots. We started with looking at the robot that out instructor made for us which looks really complicated for me. When we started making ours, we put the big parts first, so it would be easier if we want to extend the robot. Then we made our design right before extending our robot. Designing the robot wasn’t really hard at first, but when we started making it, things just started getting more complicated. We strted good in making the body of he robot. However, we had a difficulty in putting the motor which also affected the design and made it more difficult for us to put the wheels. We took a very long time to put in the wheels, bscause everytime we finished with all of them, the robot ended up exploding. But at the end, we were unfortunately unable to finisih our robot. However, during the coding we did slightly better since we were able to program the robot to move within a short amount of time. For me this activity is useful and is a simple way to learn how things work and how they are proframmed to do so.

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