The Circus is in Town

Circus is something that I enjoy watching. But, I don’t really know if I am able to do the tricks they perform in circuses. This morning, we had a workshop about circus performance. We learned different tricks such as juggling, trapize, and tightrope. We did the juggling at the first. Juggling was pretty easly for me, because all I had to is balancing the objects (peacock feather and ball) and and throw it around my hand. After learning how to juggle, we learned about how to balance in a trapeze. At first, the trapeze looks hard and I was pesimistic of my skills in balancing my body. But turns out that, I was able to balance on the trapeze with the help of ropes on each hand side. Then after that, we learned how to balance in a tightrope. This was the hardest of all tricks I learned today. Without anything to hold on to, I balancing my body on top of a narrow object is harder. At first, I was able to balance myself without moving. But as we move slowly, I began to fall multiple times. But at the very last, luckily, I was able to get to cross the tightrope without falling. I found this workshop very useful for me, especially to improve my performing arts skills.

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