CSI in Action

This afternoon, we had a workshop on CSI forensics. At first, it sounds complicated and hard, knowing that we will be using our brain more. But during the workshop, the it turns out that solving cases are also fun. The case we need to solve was a man that was pushed from the tower of London. The man was a school teacher who went to the historic castle with three other teachers and a group of students. We first started with the three teachers which are Jane Gilbert, who failed to be chosen as the head of Science when the victim, Samuel was instead chosen. The other teachers were Greg Grant, the head of history, and Heather Williams, an assisstant teacher. At first, we suspected Jane Gilbert, and suspected that she was jealous for not being chosen as the head of science. Our second main suspect was Greg Grant who actually worked in the school because his wife chose him as the head of history. But we didn’t think Heather is involved in this case. We also looked at the financial statement, text messages, social media profiles, and many more. The final one was matching the fingerprints and the bite marks which is where we found out that the one that bit the victim was Heather, but the murderer who pushed him was Greg. Heather bit Samuel because she discovered that he had another wife, and Greg killed him because Samuel knew that he was actually a University drop out who worked in Tesco supermarket until he was chosen by his wife to become the Head of History. I found this activity very useful since it helps memto think critically and to be able tp analyse things quickly.

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