The Mock Trial

This afternoon, we had a mock trial at the Royal Courts of Justice. The case we have was a death threat from a facebook status. There are six roles given to us which are the Judge, Jury, Prosecution Barrister, Defence Barrister, Prosecution Witnesses, and Defendant’s Witnesses. My role was being the Prosecution Witnesses, where I need to give statements that could prove the defendant’s guilty. The trial starts with the prosecution witnesses’ statement followed by the defendant witnesses statement. Then, the each barristers will then say if they think the defendant is guilty or not guilty. The clerk then will explain what laws that were violated by the defendant and what the sentencd should probably be. Then at the end the judge will decide whether the defendant is guilty or not guilty. In this trial, the defendant, who was convicted of posting online death threats was proven guilty by the judge. This activity was fun and not really hard since I can just read my script to answer the questions.

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